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Features made to enhance your writing capabilities

Markdown editor
Write your project with a combination of text, photos, tables, and todo lists. Utilize Markdown, a versatile formatting language, to easily adjust the appearance of your content to suit any context.
AI assistant
Use artificial intelligence to improve your writing, beat writer's block, brainstorm ideas, get feedback on your work, and much more.
Write down quick thoughts, reminders, comments without getting distracted from your work.

Knowledge base
Keep your research organized, and keep track of important people, locations, events - all in one place.

Bibliographies and citations
Seamlessly add sources and produce perfect bibliographies. Automatically import sources from any webpage or by identifier. Format your bibliography using APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard or IEEE styles.
Detailed stats
Set targets, track progress, and view detailed information about your projects.
Version control
Full change history is available for every project, so it's easy to go back, check how the content changed and see the differences between revisions.

Intelligent search
Find anything - across your project, notes, knowledge base, research or even the editor itself.

Intelligent grammar checker
Use artificial intelligence to correct spelling, check grammar, fix punctuation, confirm casing, and improve writing style.
File library
Store and quickly access various files related to the project so that you can view them without switching to another app.
Beautiful themes
12+ available themes offer a comfortable space for your work.

Export your projects into TXT, MD, DOCX or PDF.

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