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Shy Editor is a modern AI-powered text editor for academic researchers. Our intelligent writing environment is here to enhance your research process, elevate your academic writing experience, and help you save hours on your next paper.


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Shy Editor makes writing easier than ever by seamlessly introducing AI-driven features into your workflow. Save time on trivial tasks and focus on critical aspects of your research. Craft well-structured, scholarly papers with ease, thanks to AI-driven recommendations and real-time feedback.

Outline Builder
Outline Generator
Note sure how to start? Quickly get a suggested outline based on the title or description of your paper
AI Writing Help
AI Writing Help
Use AI to get inspiration, overcome writer's block and get assistance whenever you feel stuck
Smart Bibliography Management
Smart Bibliography Management
Store, manage, and cite your sources in one places. Shy Editor offers accurate and hassle-free citation assistance in APA, MLA, IEEE, Chicago or Harvard style
AI Peer Review
AI Peer Review
A specialized AI will evaluate your work and provide actionable feedback, comments, and suggestions
Export & Publish
Export & Publish
Export your paper and bibliography into TXT, MD, DOCX or PDF. The paper will automatically be formatted according to your chosen style.
Intelligent Grammar Checker
Intelligent Grammar Checker
Use artificial intelligence to correct spelling, check grammar, fix punctuation, confirm casing, and improve writing style
Version Control
Version Control
Full change history is available for every project, so it's easy to go back, check how the content changed and see the differences between revisions
Paraphrase & Rewrite
Paraphrase & Rewrite
Paraphrase any text, make it longer or shorter, add more depth, or rewrite it in an academic tone
Integrated Notes
Integrated Notes
Write down quick thoughts, reminders, comments without getting distracted from your work
Automatic Source Import
Accurate citations
Easily create sources from any webpage or search by ISBN, DOI, PMID, arXiv ID, or even just the title. Properly format citations and references, ensuring your work meets academic standards.

Writing doesn't have to be stressful

Embrace the future of writing with Shy Editor and experience the difference AI-driven technology can make in your academic journey. Sign up now and take the first step towards effortless, high-quality research.

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  • What's included
  • 20 AI Assistant credits per month
  • 100MB file storage
  • Unlimited projects
  • Intelligent writing assistance
  • Integrated notes
  • Bibliographies and citation management
  • Writing goals and stats
  • Export to txt or markdown
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per month

  • Everything in Basic, plus
  • 500 AI Assistant credits per month
  • 5GB file storage
  • 12+ color themes
  • Export to pdf and docx
  • Project version control
  • Custom AI commands
  • Early access to new features
  • Priority support

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Shy Editor for free?

Yes, Shy Editor offers a free version that provides access to most features, unlimited projects, and real-time writing support, making it an excellent choice for academics everywhere.

For users with more extensive writing needs, Shy Editor offers a paid version that unlocks additional features and improved AI assistance.

Does Shy Editor plagiarize?

We take academic integrity extremely seriously, so Shy Editor will never intentionally plagiarize. Our AI generates responses based on patterns and information from its training data, which includes a mix of licensed data, data created by human trainers, and publicly available data. It does not copy text verbatim from its sources unless specifically asked to generate a direct quote or citation.

However, it is possible that the AI response might occasionally contain sentences that also happen to be on the web, so it’s good practice to check for accuracy and originality, especially if your writing will be used in an academic or professional context where proper attribution is important.

How can Shy Editor help me write complex academic papers?

Shy Editor improves the process of crafting academic papers by helping you structure your content, manage your research, enhance your writing style, simplify formatting, and maintain academic integrity.

How does Shy Editor use AI to enhance my academic writing?

Shy Editor uses AI to provide realtime grammar and style help, brainstorming assistance and automated peer reviews.

Will I retain copyright over text I write with Shy Editor?

Yes, you own copyright related to all content you produce using Shy Editor.